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Voltage Range

6V - 12V

Capacity 5H

75Ah - 350Ah

Capacity 20H

95Ah - 430Ah

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Voltage Range

Capacity 5H

Capacity 20H

Product highlights

  • Fully recyclable
  • Deep Cycle with American type traction plate design
  • Deep Cycle with tubular plate design
  • In compliance with IEC 60095/EN 50342/EN 60254-1 standards
  • Plates of increased thickness with higher corrosion resistance
  • Long service life under repeated discharge – charge cycles
  • Batteries for applications of high energy demand
  • Lower resistance separators with glass mat for longer service life
  • Wide range with proper models of D.O.D per application


WINNER SOLAR is the durable cycle resistant range of the program.

It incorporates flooded lead technologies to provide suitable solutions for all Deep Cycle applications:

  • American type plate design with thick American traction flat plates with corrosion resistance grids of hard paste and porous rubber separators with fiber glass-mat for low electric resistance. The improved paste and the lead sulfate provide longer life cycle and capacity, while the unified and embedded terminal prevents terminal damage even during high rate discharge.
  • Tubular plate design with robust positive tubular and flat pasted negative plates, which provides high durability under harsh conditions. The higher porosity microporous rubber separators and the non woven gauntlets of lower electric resistance with the reliable no corrosion pillar, provide longer service life under high deep cycling.

WINNER SOLAR are capable of resisting to deep and repeated discharged cycles and subsequent charges, with the proper plate design according to the depth of discharge requirements per application.

WINNER SOLAR range follows EN / DIN / BCI specification in terms of cycle resistance:

  • 800 cycles according to SBA0802 standard for American plate design types
  • 1200 cycles according to EN  60254-1 for tubular plate design types




  • Electric sweepers
    Electric sweepers
  • Golf carts
    Golf carts
  • Marine Applications
    Marine Applications
  • Solar energy systems
    Solar energy systems

Product Codes

Type No Voltage Capacity 5H (Ah) Capacity
20HR Rate
Length Width Height Total
Weight with
(V) (Ah) (Ah) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (Image) (Image) (Kg)
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WINNER SOLAR is available with the following terminal layouts and dimensions

Terminal 0
Terminal 2
Terminal 3
Terminal 4