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Advanced Lead - Carbon Technology for ultra long Deep Cycle life



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Capacity C10

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Capacity C10

Capacity Wh

Product highlights

  • Advanced lead - carbon technology offering improved chaerge acceptance
  • Enhanced cycle life even under PSOC condition
  • More than 5200 cycles at 50% DOD
    More than 4200 cycles at 70% DOD
  • Superior cell performance uniformity and reliability, ideal for large scale energy storage applications
  • Special alloy with carbon composite additives for high protection against PAM softening, grid corrosion and sulfation
  • Horizontal placement ability, mechanical elasticity

    Modular design, easy installation


WINNER TITAN is a new generation valve-regulated lead acid battery with large capacity and ultra-long deep cycle life, based on Lead Carbon technology. WINNER TITAN combines high energy density with high power and fast charge and discharge, optimized to meet and exceed every energy storage challenge.

WINNER TITAN is the next big thing in energy storage as it offers large capacity and ultra-long deep cycle life providing more than 5200 cycles at 50% DOD and 4200+ cycles at 70% DOD and its life can reach up to 20 years under wide temperature conditions.

WINNER TITAN combines advanced lead-carbon technology, improved charge acceptance, reduced sulphation of negative plate, a combination that makes it ideal for Partial State of Charge (PSoC) conditions.

WINNER TITAN’s superior cell performance uniformity and reliability, modular design and easy installation make it suitable for large scale energy storage needs such as renewable energy sources, power distribution stations, backup power systems, smart and micro grid systems.

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