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Madrid, 7th December 2015: WINNER TITAN, the next generation Valve-Regulated Lead Acid battery is now available in the Spanish market by WINNER BATTERY and its authorized reseller Albufera Energy Storage.

WINNER TITAN is the next big thing in energy storage as it offers large capacity and ultra-long deep cycle life providing more than 5200 cycles at 50% DOD and 4200+ cycles at 70% DOD and its life can reach up to 20 years under any temperature condition. 

WINNER TITAN combines advanced lead-carbon technology, improved charge acceptance, reduced sulphation of negative plate, a combination that makes it ideal for Partial State of Charge (PSoC) conditions.

WINNER TITAN’s superior cell performance uniformity and reliability, modular design and easy installation make it suitable for large scale energy storage needs such as renewable energy sources, power distribution stations, backup power systems, smart community, micro grids and railways.

Backed by the Madrid Institute for Advanced Energy Studies (IMDEA Energy), the Autonomous University of Madrid and the University of Alicante, Albufera Energy Storage is one the leading companies in electrical energy storage in Spain with facilities in the Science Park of Madrid (Cantoblanco) for the development of its research and Loeches (Madrid) for the supply and testing of its products.

The launch of the WINNER TITAN in Spain took place at the Parque Científico de Madrid and was attended by leading players in the Spanish and international market such as GAMESA, TELEFONICA, VICTRON ENERGY, ENDESA, ECO BATERIAS, ERGON HISPANIA, UNEF, GFM and the Spanish Ministry of Defense.