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WINNER BATTERY has the ideal light traction battery range for your needs whether this is 

  • an electric wheelchair,
  • a golf cart
  • a lawn mower
  • an electric scooter
  • a sweeper
  • a floor scrubber
  • an electric toy such as a car or a motorbikes or even
  • an electric luggage cart

Unlike the traditional traction batteries, the batteries for light or minor traction - 1-2 charging cycle per week - are specifically designed to provide non-stop motive power and stand up to more cyclical usage (a typical life cycle consists of 600 cycles at 80% D.o.D) by integrating thicker plates and a separator similar to the ones found in starting batteries. Finally the casing is made of ABS material for mechanical strength (also available as flame retardant) to ensure the battery is safe against vibrations.