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Battery life

Battery life
  • 02 October, 2021

During use, the battery gradually loses its performance, even if it is used little or not at all, due to its self-discharging effect.

The battery can lose up to 20% per year from its initial charge, even if it has not even come out of its packaging. The rate of self-discharge can be reduced if the batteries are kept in a cool place (up to 25 degrees Celsius). Storage in high temperature areas leads the batteries to faster self-discharge, while this phenomenon is more pronounced in rechargeable batteries.

To keep the battery in good condition it must be operated continuously or maintained at regular intervals. In car batteries this period is every 6 months at the latest.

High quality batteries have self-discharge resistance characteristics and require less maintenance if not in operation.

WINNER batteries have one of the lowest self-discharge rates in the world and require up to twice as long maintenance as conventional batteries (approximately every 12 months).