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Battery pole type

Battery pole type
  • 02 October, 2021

Another feature of car batteries is the size and type of poles. There are 2 main categories. The circular ones that are distinguished into regular and thinner poles and the poles with internal thread.

There is no rule as to which brand uses which type. Most of the time it has to do with where the car was built (without always being an inviolable rule). Regular poles are always used by European and especially American vehicles, while many small Asian cars have thinner poles. Only some American vehicles have internal threaded poles.

However, it would be good to just look at the existing battery to see for yourself.
Normal large poles have a diameter of about 17.5-19.5 mm at the positive pole and 16-18 mm at the negative pole.

The thinnest (or Japanese type) poles have a diameter of about 12.5-14 mm at the positive pole and 11-12.5 mm at the negative pole.

Although there are special adapters that can allow you to use any type of battery you want, it is always good to choose the type that your car uses.