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Recharge deep discharge batteries

Recharge deep discharge batteries
  • 02 October, 2021

Recharge batteries

The rechargeable lead batteries are made for a number of charge-discharge cycles depending on their construction specification. These specialized batteries can perform many repetitive cycles, calculating that each discharge and recharge is 1 cycle. Each cycle corresponds to 1 day of battery life.

WINNER batteries have a variety of series with different capacity of cycles from 250 - 5,500 recharges that correspond to a lifespan of 3 to 20 years with the usual to the most demanding uses.

After this point, the recharges lose their power and the rechargeable batteries gradually return below 80% of their nominal capacity where they reach the end of their use and need to be replaced.

The discharge calculation is at 50% of the nominal capacity, ie for a battery with a capacity of 100 amperes, the useful capacity is 50 amperes. Any calculation of the consumption required in each use is based on this condition.

Suggested charging mode

After each discharge the batteries should be fully recharged and not partially charged. If the battery is partially recharged, its performance will be less than normal and after several partial recharges, the battery performance will be significantly reduced and will require special maintenance to improve again.

The ability of the battery to absorb charge gradually weakens after many recharges. After this point, the recharges give less power to the battery.

A significant differentiation occurs in nickel-cadmium batteries, where the discharge cycles must be complete before recharging. In contrast, nickel metal ion batteries do not have this problem.