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What is a battery?

What is a battery?
  • 02 October, 2021

Battery we define an arrangement of suitable chemical components, used for the production of chemical and later electricity. This action is caused by the controlled motion of electrons to supply direct current.

They are used to supply energy to power the devices we use every day (eg mobile phones, cars, digital clocks, electric vehicles, etc.).

There are two main categories of batteries according to their reusability or better their rechargeability.

Primary batteries are used until the energy stored in them is exhausted.

Secondary batteries that can be used repeatedly, as long as they are recharged after each use. These batteries can also be charged during use, as is the case with car batteries.

A well-known example is charging and discharging the battery of a mobile phone that can be repeated after extensive use.

In practice, the chemical reaction that takes place during the discharge of a battery can be done in the opposite direction (two-way reaction), bringing the battery back to its original state.