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Why can a battery drain?

Why can a battery drain?
  • 02 October, 2021

The battery is running low for the following reasons:

Bad use

If you forget to turn on the car lights all night, the battery will need to be fully recharged. Recharging the battery requires 24 hours on the charger. A few hours of charging is not enough and they will repeat the problem later.


Charging can be done in car repair shops or with a charger that you have with options of charging intensity or also with a maintenance charger but for at least 36 hours. Automatic chargers are not suitable in this case.


If the car does not move, for a long time or if safety functions are active (immobilizer, alarm, etc.), most conventional batteries can lose up to 5% of their charge status each month, while higher quality batteries lose about 2-3% of their charging status.

If we take into account any consumption by additional functions of the car, then a fully charged new battery can be discharged in 3-12 months of inactivity.


>During the period of immobility, it is recommended to disconnect the negative terminal of the battery, in order to prevent it from being discharged or the connection of a charge maintainer during the entire period of immobility.