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WINNER KRITON LV LFP Technology Commercial Energy Storage System



Voltage (V)

250V - 850V

Capacity (kWh)

50kWh - 200kWh

Max. Charging Power (kW)

30kW - 200kW

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Voltage (V)

Capacity (kWh)

Max. Charging Power (kW)

Product highlights

  • Mid sized capacity energy storage system
  • Developed smart Li expandable up to 20 modules
  • Charge and discharge control management at cell level
  • Flexible configulation of battery capacity
  • High reliability with over 2000 cell control points
  • Equipped with intelligent BMS with excellent compatibility
  • Using standard 19 inch cabinets suitable to all marketplaces
  • Meet international communication industry standards
  • Designed life of 10 years with up to 4000 cycles


WINNER KRITON Commercial Scale LFP Energy Storage Systems is module integrated to for battery cabinet installations designed for extremely intelligent communication station energy storage systems.

The standard battery module has a rated voltage 48V and a rated capacity from 50kWh to 200kWh. It is supporting expansion from 2 to 20 modules with flexible capacity configulation. 

  • All-in-One design for high integration
  • One station - One cabinet for fast deployment
  • Smart Li module achieves charge and discharge control management at two levels (cell - module)
  • Standard conventional modules can be upgradeable to Smart Li
  • Intra company group core (cell) develoment and production
  • Over 2000 manufacturing control points per cell
  • High safety with two-level fire protection
  • High reliability with IP54 protection level
  • Intelligent management supporting local and remote communication
  • Using standard modular design at 19 inch cabinets, backup and new intelligent products have unified design
  • Meet communication industry standard interface at YDT2344.1 2011
  • Certified by IEC62619, UN38.3, CTTL, CE, seismic resistance of level 9

WINNER KRITON Commercial Scale system is mainly used for

  • Commercial buildings, hospitals, public parking stations
  • Micro grid and off-grid power supply
  • Peak shaving, peak shifting applications
  • Small industrial systems and communities 
  • PV energy storage at the end of power distribution networks
  • emergency power supply and back-up systems

Winner Battery offers cutting edge technology for energy storage with fully certified and tested systems compling with European directives for reliability, consistency and safety.

Winner Battery makes you win more out of the Sun!


  • Solar energy systems
    Solar energy systems
  • Wind energy systems
    Wind energy systems

Product Codes

Type No Voltage Range Capacity  Max. Charging Power Rated CH/DCH Length Depth Height Weight Protection level Operating temp.
Model (V) (kWh) (kW) (kW) (mm) (mm) (mm) (t) (IP) (° C)
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