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WINNER GIANT HV Ultra High Capacity LFP Technology Mega Energy Storage System



Voltage (V)

1331V - 1331V

Capacity (kWh)

4060kWh - 4260kWh

Operating Voltage (V)

1165V - 1498V

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Voltage (V)

Capacity (kWh)

Operating Voltage (V)

Product highlights

  • Ultra High capacity energy storage system
  • High Performance Liquid-cooled Technology
  • Modular design, standarized modules with high scalability
  • High safety, long life, stability and reliability
  • Multi-dimensional Fire Protection design
  • Wide operational temperatues from -30°C to 50°C
  • Protection level by IP54 can prevent condensation
  • Transportation by sea or by lorry


WINNER GIANT Large Scale LFP Energy Storage Systems is module designed for battery container instalations designed for high-capacity energy storage systems.

The standard battery module has a rated voltage of 1228V and a rated capacity of 310kWh. It is widely extensible for large MWh and GWh ESS and can meet different energy requirements. 

  • Provides intelligent temperature control at every single cell with temperature difference lower than 2.5°C with High-Performance Liquid-cooling technology 
  • Fire Protection Design in many levels, Cell - Pack - Cabin, equipped with temperature sensitivity and combustible gas detection
  • Use of LFP for high safety, long life, stable and reliable performance for long term
  • Protection level of battery module is IP65 or above on request
  • Pre-assebled in the factory for cost saving on-site installation
  • Communication interface CAN/RS485, Modbus RTU, TCP/IP, IEC61850
  • Container 20ft size: L6058 x W2438 x H2896mm
  • Container weight: 28t

WINNER GIANT Large Scale system is mainly used for

  • large-scale renewable energy generation consuption
  • power grid peak regulation
  • power grid frequency regulation
  • delayed distribution network upgrade
  • distributed generation and microgrid systems
  • emergency back-up systems

Winner Battery offers cutting edge technology for energy storage with fully certified and tested systems compling with European directives for reliability, consistency and safety.

Winner Battery makes you win more out of the Sun!


  • Solar energy systems
    Solar energy systems
  • Wind energy systems
    Wind energy systems

Product Codes

Type No Rated Voltage Rated Capacity  Operating Voltage Range Rated CH/DCH Cell Weight Protection level Communication Storage Temp. Recom.Operating Temp.
Model (V) (kWh) (V) (kW) (Ah) (t) (IP) (Mode) (°C) (°C)
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