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Winner Battery Traction Batteries




Voltage Range

6V - 16V

Capacity 10h

8Ah - 340Ah


2Kg - 59Kg

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Voltage Range

Capacity 10h


Product highlights

  • Electric vehicle VRLA AGM 6/16 Volts rechargeable blocks
  • 1200 cycles with 50% D.O.D, 300 cycles with 100% D.O.D, 
  • Excellent cyclic & anti-vibration performance
  • High specific energy density with high purity materials
  • No liquid electrolyte - No maintenance
  • Excellent recovery performance after over-discharging
  • Extremely low self – discharge rate
  • Design service life is 10 years at 25°C


WINNER PERSEUS series is designed for repeated Deep Cycle use, to be discharged and recharged hundreds of times. The consistency performance of group usage (groups with multiple connections) is much better than of other general series, making PROTEUS ideal for heavy duty applications.

WINNER PERSEUS provides excellent cyclic and recovery performance after over-discharging. It is made with updated AGM VRLA technology from pure materials with excellent know how to meet all needs.

WINNER PERSEUS differs from conventional VRLA batteries, as it contains more lead, heavier plates and other special materials that enable to deliver more power and capacity over many charging cycles. The use of a special plate curing process for 10 days and extra superior pasting to the grids, ensuring long service life and fast recovery from deep discharge.

Positive plate: The positive plates are composed of a grid frame of heavy duty lead - tin - calcium alloy and active material of porous lead dioxide.

Negative plate: The negative plates are composed of a grid frame of lead - tin - calcium alloy as well and with active material of spongy lead.

Separator: The separators made of non – woven fabric of fine glass fibers are chemically stable in the electrolyte sulfuric acid. The high porousness fully absorbs the electrolyte and prevents shorting between positive and negative plates.

Terminal structure: The electrode terminals are protected by a structure which secures long adhesive - embedded paths and by the use of strong epoxy material.

Casing: The unique construction and sealing techniques of WINNER PROTEUS Deep Cycle series guarantee leak proof operation in any position with no adverse effect to capacity or service life. The battery case is made from ABS material and is shock resistant. Flame retardant available.



  • Electric vehiches
    Electric vehiches
  • Electric wheelchairs
    Electric wheelchairs
  • Electric scooters
    Electric scooters
  • Electric sweepers
    Electric sweepers
  • Golf Carts
    Golf Carts
  • Solar energy systems
    Solar energy systems
  • Marine Applications
    Marine Applications

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WINNER PERSEUS is available with the following terminal layouts and dimensions

Terminal layout 0
Terminal layout 1
Terminal layout 2
Terminal layout 3
Terminal layout 4
Terminal layout 5
Terminal layout 6
Terminal layout 9
Terminal layout 10