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Winner Battery Ups





2V - 2V

Capacity 10h

200Ah - 3000Ah


12Kg - 170Kg

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Capacity 10h


Product highlights

  • Stationary Heavy Duty AGM 2Volts rechargeable cells
  • Superior performance characteristics
  • High pressure of plates group
  • No liquid electrolyte - No maintenance
  • Designed service life of 15 years at float charge
  • Excellent deep cycle life of 1.200 cycles (at 25°C D.O.D 80%)
  • Extremely low self – discharge rate


WINNER NEPTUNE series is designed for stationary heavy duty applications. With AGM electrolyte and high pressure group of plates, giving excellent cycling and deep – discharge recovery performance. Special additive has been added into the lead paste of positive and negative plates, so that the utilization rate of active materials will become high and will improve the charge acceptability.

Positive plates: Thick pasted positive plates are made of pure lead grids with special multi alloy, which overcomes the shortcomings of early capacity loss. They have long service life under both float charge and cycle utilization.

Negative plates: Negative grid plates provide perfect balance to ensure optimum recombination efficiency. They are made from special alloy with quandribasic lead sulphate, which improve specific energy of the battery and prolongs the cycle service life.

Separators: Separator is made of absorbing super-thin fiberglass, giving low internal resistance and good discharge performance at high rate.

Electrolyte: High purity electrolyte and special additive are used, leading to low self-discharge.

Terminal structure: Special terminal seal structure ensures the safety and reliability of seal.

Casing: Made with a thick walled ABS flame resistance material for mechanical strength to ensure vibration proof of the battery. Lids are with reliable hot sealing and integrated flame arrestors. Flame retardancy containers complyto the standard IEC 707 FV0 & UL 94 V0 available on request.

Safety valves: Valves are made from ABS materials and are flame resistant. The valve core is in column structure, and there are dual-filtering acid mist filters. It has the function of correctly controlling the pressure, flame resistance and acid mist filtering when valve opens and closes.

Terminals: Threaded terminals of low resistance with inserted copper core with high conductivity and minimum installation time.

Horizontal positioning: Plastic sleeve is adjusted to the plate to effectively avoid a short circuit of the positive and negative plate, bending distortion of the battery when is laid horizontally.



  • IEC60896-21/22 2004 • BS EN 61427-2002


  • UPS Systems
    UPS Systems
  • Power generation and distribution stations
    Power generation and distribution stations
  • Telecommunications
  • Service power systems in ships and yachts
    Service power systems in ships and yachts
  • Solar energy systems
    Solar energy systems

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WINNER NEPTUNE is available with the following terminal layouts and dimensions

Terminal layout 5
Terminal layout 6
Terminal layout 9
Terminal layout 10