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Voltage Range

12V - 12V

Capacity 20h

35Ah - 230Ah

Cranking Performance

300A - 1400A

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Voltage Range

Capacity 20h

Cranking Performance

Product highlights

  • Superior quality - Calcium closed type range
  • Same technology and product line used for original equipment to GM, Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, KIA, Nissan, Suzuki, Isuzu, Daihatsu, Ssangyong
  • World’s advanced and patented labyrinth double cover to maximize electrolyte gas collection
  • World’s best expanded grid metal technology with state of the art plate design with considerable strength and corrosion resistance
  • Absolutely maintenance-free - leakage-proof
  • Highly durable with consistent starting performance
  • Reliable starting even under extreme temperatures
  • 30% higher cranking performance compared to the conventional specifications
  • Highest number of engine starts
  • Highest safety under all operational conditions
  • Sufficient cycle design for the most modern vehicles
  • Provides complete protection against sulfuric acid losses
  • Lowest self-discharge for longer stand by time of the car
  • Long duration of service life
  • Use of only primary high purity lead & lead oxide
  • Fully Recyclable
  • Complete series with 50 types and more from 35Ah up to 230Ah, covers every starting need for European, Japanese, Korean, American and all other vehicles – Not only basic models


WINNER PREMIUM constitutes the highest quality level of the flooded starting (SLI) program and a result of world patents and many innovations in the field.

The PREMIUM range provides high durability as a result of the achieved by adoption of special wrought lead-calcium grids of expanded metal for both the positive and negative plates with low resistance enveloped separators, powered by the highest level of newest calcium technologies.

The WINNER PREMIUM range covers all starting needs. The capacity range starts from 35 AH up to 230 AH.

The main characteristics of PREMIUM series are:

  • Use of world’s most innovative design labyrinth for the collection and provision of the liquid generated from the gasses during operation in the built-in reservoir. This pioneering design prevents electrolyte losses and extends service life significantly.
  • Longer life achieved by minimizing vibration using special tightened design of the cell.
  • Material purity enables best corrosion resistance and therefore longer operational life time.
  • Use of increased number of plates ensures highest cranking performance.
  • Built-in flame arrestor safety system, which prevents explosion as a result of sparks from the external environment.
  • Centered cast-on plate straps which reduce the lever action movement resulting from road shocks.

Built-in hydrometer indicates state of charge as follows:

  • Green indicator shows fully charge condition when electrolyte gravity is higher than 1.28.
  • Black indicator shows partially discharged condition. State of charge 50% is considered as the minimum serviceable condition and electrolyte gravity is typically 1.22.
  • Clear indicator shows that the level of electrolyte is very low. The battery needs to be recharged or replaced.

The main characteristics of the special Calcium technology adopted in PREMIUM series are:

Maintenance-free with longer service life due to the use of special calcium – lead alloys, which leads to extremely low level of electrolyte decrease. If the charging system remains error-free until the battery is worn out, there is no need of maintenance.

Recharging free due to high refined lead alloy, rendering lowest rate of self – discharge and maintaining high performance even during long term standing. The self-discharge phenomenon is usual in the majority of the other lead acid calcium batteries, due to the impurities contained in lead alloys, which in turn induce local action and cause the loss of electric energy.

Overcharging risk free due to the special alloys which reduce the charging to an extremely low level when the battery is near-full charged state,  eliminating in this way the danger of overcharging. When the battery is in the state of near-full charge, provided that the voltage is already correct set, the value of the current in which is being charged, must be decreased to maintain high performance for long time and consequentlyprevent overcharging .

Thermal runaway free due to the fact that the charging current required, becomes extremely low when the battery is fully charged in high temperature, and therefore prevents  overcharging. When the battery is in near-full charge state in hot places with temperatures over 70ο C, the charging current decreases initially, but rises again soon due to the substances contained in the grid alloy. Then the grid is damaged and the performance is being deteriorated due to this thermal effect.


  • Buses
  • Cars
  • Marine Applications
    Marine Applications
  • Trucks

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WINNER PPREMIUM is available with the following terminal layouts and dimensions

Polarity layout 0
Polarity layout 1
Polarity layout 3
Polarity layout 5
Polarity layout 1/0
Terminal type A
Terminal type B
Terminal type E
Terminal type F
Base hold down B1
Base hold down B3
Base hold down B4