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Voltage Range

12V - 12V

Capacity 20h

28Ah - 80Ah

Cranking Performance

750A - 1050A

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Voltage Range

Capacity 20h

Cranking Performance

Product highlights

  • Spiral technology pure lead battery
  • Sealed lead rechargeable series
  • No free electrolyte - Working with any orientation
  • Steady high voltage output – High energy density
  • Superior high and low temperature performance
  • Good PSOC performance
  • Fast chargeable – 2 years shelf life
  • Starting types for excellent cranking performance
  • Cycling types with excellent deep discharge characteristics
  • Design life under floating applications is 15 years
  • Design life for solar applications is 10 years


WINNER CYCLOP Pure lead spiral valve regulated battery is a new type of lead acid technology which utilizes pure lead grid and special spiral structure with very high assembly pressure.

WINNER CYCLOP provides high and low temperature discharge characteristics (workable from -45ο C to +65ο C). Has great advantage compared to flooded lead acid batteries which cannot be charged efficiently under low temperature and suffer from high corrosion and water loss under high temperature. The cold rolling pure lead grid has much higher corrosion resistance capability.

WINNER CYCLOP supplies large current discharge capability and safe, quick, low charge acceptance. Works under valve pressure which reduces water loss at a great extent.

When a battery is applied in solar systems, it cannot be charged 100% after being discharged each time. Then the battery begins to work under Partial State Of Charge (PSOC). After a long period, part of the active material will not be utilized and lose their capability, then leads to the failure of the battery.

WINNER CYCLOP’s grid is very thin and together with its special separator, the internal resistance arrives only to 1/3 of the normal battery, the capacity can be recovered to the common level after ling storage period.
WINNER CYCLOP accepts high charge, capable to reach 95% state of charge at 40 minutes. It can be discharged with very high rate until 18C10.
WINNER CYCLOP has excellent trickle current charge acceptance due to the high pureness of lead and the much less side reaction than flooded battery. Therefore it can reach 90% charge efficiency even at cloudy or rainy days.

WINNER CYCLOP gives very good consistency for serial and/or in parallel connections.

WINNER CYCLOP series includes 3 different designs diversified by the cover colour as:

  • - Yellow cover – Cycle design for boats / yachts / Solar cell systems
  • - Red cover - Starting applications at boats/ yachts/ generators/ tractors / cars
  • - Black cover – Starting applications for cars with easy BHD installation

WINNER CYCLOP provides excellent cycling performance at different state of charge:

  • 350 cycles under 100% DOD at C5 discharge rate
  • 600 cycles under 50% DOD at C5 discharge rate


  • Car audio
    Car audio
  • Cars
  • Remote house efficiency
    Remote house efficiency
  • Solar energy systems
    Solar energy systems
  • Caravans
  • Marine Applications
    Marine Applications
  • Service power systems in ships and yachts
    Service power systems in ships and yachts
  • Wind energy systems
    Wind energy systems

Product Codes

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Length Width Height Total
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WINNER CYCLOP is available with the following terminal layouts and dimensions

Polarity layout 0
Polarity layout 2
Polarity layout 5
Terminal type A