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Voltage Range

2V - 12V

Capacity 20h

40Ah - 3000Ah


13Kg - 193Kg

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Voltage Range

Capacity 20h


Product highlights

  • Maintenance free - Heavy duty grids
  • High performance rechargeable GEL batteries
  • Gel sealed type with valve regulated system
  • Superior characteristics of very low self-discharge
  • Designed service life of 10 years at float charge
  • Deep discharge recovery - ABS battery case


WINNER MERCURY series is designed for high cyclic performance based on VRLA Gel technology. A special assembly technology is used to enhance power density to a considerable level and provide a powerful cell pack, reducing movements in the battery case. WINNER MERCURY features low self discharge, long cyclic life, low floating voltage and current without gas emissions and leakages. They can be stored for long time and they can be positioned in any way. WINNER MERCURY can be recharged easily to a normal level even after being over-discharged. They can operate satisfactorily under a wide range of temperatures (-20°C +40°C). Positive plate: Positive plates are composed of a grid frame of lead - tin - calcium alloy with active material of purity porous lead dioxide. Negative plate: Negative plates are composed of a grid frame of lead - tin - calcium alloy with active material of spongy lead. Separator: The separators made of non -woven fabric of fine glass fibres are chemically stable in gelled electrolyte. Electrolyte: The high porousness of the separator fully absorbs the silicon Gel type electrolyte and prevents shorting between positive and negative plates. Gel electrolyte remains stable and non spillable even if the battery is broken. Container: Made from ABS material, it is shock resistant, with very good corrosion prevention, high strength and flame retardant available on request. Safety valve: Reliable venting system, which operates under low pressure, is designed to release excess gas and keep the internal pressure within the optimum range of safe and efficient performance.


  • Electric sweepers
    Electric sweepers
  • Marine Applications
    Marine Applications
  • Road signaling and lighting
    Road signaling and lighting
  • Wind energy systems
    Wind energy systems
  • Electric wheelchairs
    Electric wheelchairs
  • Medical
  • Solar energy systems
    Solar energy systems

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