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Voltage Range

12V - 12V

Capacity 20h

70Ah - 100Ah

Reserve Capacity

500min - 622min

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Voltage Range

Capacity 20h

Reserve Capacity

Product highlights

  • Extremely low self – discharge rate
  • Hermetically sealed closed type calcium - calcium range
  • 100% maintenance free - Leakage free
  • Long duration of service life
  • Excellent starting performance and discharge resistance characteristics
  • Dual terminals with conventional posts and wing nuts
  • Built in state of charge indicator
  • Provides complete protection against sulfuric acid losses


The WINNER MARINE range is a sealed dual purpose deep cycle series highly recommended for service/auxiliary power supply to yachts/boats, but also as an excellent power supply for hobby/caravans/camping/home power supply/ generators/ inverters/ UPS systems.

WINNER MARINE uses thicker plate construction for High Durability with Super Heavy Duty (SHD) characteristics achieved by adoption of special wrought lead - calcium grids of expanded metal for both the positive and negative plates with special low resistance enveloped separators.

WINNER MARINE has been designed for an extremely low level of electrolyte decrease due to the advanced and patented labyrinth double cover. Due to the high purity of lead alloys and the state-of-the-art plate design offer lowest rate of self-discharge, considerable strength to grid corrosion, over charging resistance, minimum gassing and thermal runaway best protection. These characteristics provide long service life and high performance even during long term standing (i.e during winter time). Furthermore, it includes built in flame arrestor safety system for highest operational safety against flammable vapors of outside space and complete protection against sulfuric acid losses. 

The WINNER MARINE incorporates has a built-in charge indicator to show how much energy is left in the battery. The indicator is also used to determine how long the battery should be recharged as follows:
  • - Green indicator shows above 70% state of charge. Minimum charging time is 8 hours.
  • - Black indicator shows partially discharged condition. If the state of charge is between 50 to 70%, the minimum charging time is 12 hours. If the state of charge is below 50 %, it requires up to 24 hours charging time.
  • - Clear indicator shows fully discharged condition. If the state of charge is below 50 %, it requires up to 24 hours charging time.

With WINNER MARINE range built in indicator, a user can check the state of charge, but he cannot program the hours of usable power. Determining the amperes of each of the accessories in use, a user can find out the hours of usable power according to following data:

                 5A         10A         25A
M24    14.00h        3,80h        2.00h
M27    17.90h        4.70h        2.50h
M31    20.00h        5.60h        3.00h



  • 	Buses
  • Cars
  • 	Marine Applications
    Marine Applications

Product Codes

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WINNER MARINE is available with the following terminal layouts and dimensions

Terminal 1/0
Terminal E