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Voltage Range

12V - 12V

Capacity 10h

2Ah - 30Ah

Cranking Performance

40A - 385A

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Voltage Range

Capacity 10h

Cranking Performance

Product highlights

  • Fully recyclable
  • Reliable starting power under any climate conditions
  • Immediate activation – Package included acid bottle
  • Easy to install having everything in pack
  • PP container gives great petrol and oil resistance
  • Higher cold cranking power battery
  • Maintenance free closed type for very long service time
  • Outstanding vibration resistance and deep cycling
  • Built in flame arrestor and high safety venting system integrated
  • Low self-discharge - No spillage under multiple positions
  • Covers all motorcycles requiring AGM technology


WINNER CENTAURUS meets or exceeds the specifications of the original equipment battery in terms of starting performance and capacity.

WINNER CENTAURUS is constructed with lead calcium alloys and absorbed glass mat (AGM) separators providing high vibration resistance and maintenance free operation without need to control. The intercell connections lower the internal resistance and therefore maximize the power performance under a wide range of temperatures from -18°C to +50°C.

WINNER CENTAURUS with its powerful design of high capacity and high cell compression, delivers superior vibration resistance and extended service life even under extreme road conditions (off road). The closed design protects from any spillage under multiple positions until angles of 45°C. The polypropylene container and lid gives great petrol and oil high resistance against breakage under unfavorable or extreme weather conditions.

WINNER CENTAURUS is delivered in non activated condition and needs only to be filled with the electrolyte included in the package before use. The acid holder has to be pressed downwards firmly to pierce the seals and ensure that the complete volume of electrolyte is flowed out of the holder. The holder must be left there for at least 20 minutes before removing. Then press the sealing caps strip in the vents firmly. The battery is maintenance free during service life when commissioned in this way.

  • Charging
In case of needing additional charge, the charging current is maximum 10% of the nominal indicated capacity in amperes (i.e 12Ah capacity battery with 1,2 A charging current)

  • Periods of non use
In case of long non use periods of the motorcycle, charge the battery in full and then always disconnect the negative terminal. Then if this period exceeds 3 months, charge the battery again periodically, if necessary.


  • Motorcycles

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WINNER CENTAURUS is available with the following terminal layouts and dimensions

Terminal 1
Terminal 2
Terminal 3
Terminal 4
Terminal 5
Terminal 6
Terminal 7
Terminal 8