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Voltage Range

12V - 12V

Capacity 10h

12Ah - 18Ah

Cranking Performance

250A - 350A

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Voltage Range

Capacity 10h

Cranking Performance

Product highlights

  • High Performance AGM Technology Sealed type Motorcycle battery
  • Reliable starting power under any climate conditions
  • Delivered filled and charged ready to use
  • Limited range for motorcycles with high energy demand
  • Outstanding vibration resistance and deep cycling
  • Absolutely Maintenance-free – Built-in flame arrestor
  • Integrated high safety venting system relieves excess pressure
  • Longer service life for trouble free driving pleasure
  • Lower self-discharge for trouble free starts after long rest
  • Leakage and spill proof – Long storage time
  • Hard PP container gives great petrol and oil resistance
  • Fully Recyclable


WINNER ARION designed for Motorcycles with high energy demand providing highest starting power and meets and/or exceeds the specifications of the original equipment manufactureres in terms of starting performance and capacity.

WINNER ARION thanks to its powerful design of high capacity and high cell compression, delivers superior excellent and stable performance under any temperature or extreme road conditions.

It adopts heavy duty glass mat separators to resist vibration and extend battery life. The intercell connections lower the internal resistance and therefore maximize power performance. 

The hard polypropylene container and lid ensures high resistance against petrol and oil in case of unfavorable or extreme weather conditions.

WINNER ARION is an excellent maintenance-free solution for demanding applications.

Suitable for motorcycles with ABS brake systems.

The lower deep discharge provides good and trouble free starting power, even under large period out of use for seasonal reasons.

WINNER ARION is delivered sealed, filled and charged ready to use any time.


  • Motorcycle

Product Codes

Type No Voltage Capacity 10h Cranking Performance Length Width Height Total Height Terminal Layout Terminal Specs Base Hold-Down
Model (V) (Ah) (A) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (Image) (Image) (Image)
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WINNER ARION is available with the following terminal layouts and dimensions

Polarity layout 0
Polarity layout 1
Terminal type moto A